A Guide to Fedora Hats For 2021-2022

What exactly is a Fedora Hat?

Fedora in Dark Green Beaver Felt A fedora, also known as a snap brim, is any soft felt hat with an indented crown measuring 4-6′′ in height and a soft brim measuring 2-4′′ in width.
Though the crown is typically "pinched" into a point at the intersection of the top and sides of the crown on the front of the hat, one of the fedora's distinguishing characteristics is that it can be shaped, creased, sized, or bent in an infinite number of combinations based on the wearer's preference.
The following are the main variations on the fedora style: Crown.

How To Wear a Fedora Hat

Here are a couple of tips for looking great while wearing a fedora: When worn with a jacket, a fedora looks best.
A jacket can be a sports coat, a suit jacket, a blazer, or an overcoat.
Because the fedora is still considered a more formal accessory in modern terms, it is best to pair it with a jacket of some kind to complete a seasonally appropriate look. That being said, unless you're dressing as Al Capone for Halloween, you should avoid channeling a gangster look.

How to Purchase a Fedora Hat

Here are some pointers for purchasing a great fedora that will last for years: Felt Beaver Brushed Hat Consider buying a hat from a reputable hatmaker.
See the list below for fedoras from companies that specialize in hat production rather than just importing mass-produced hats.
Purchases from fashion brands, department stores, or other non-specialized retailers should be avoided.

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